EOY Reflection

It’s June 16th – the first day of summer vacation and I’m thrilled to say that we survived teaching a year of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, but many of my students and I had a LOT of accomplishments!

My students artwork was showcased in a variety of exhibitions and shows:

I am proud of the collaborative ConneXions art presentations:

and last night we concluded the year with the ConneXions Spring Production, “The Circus Is Closed.”

And next year for SY 2021- 2022 ….

Arts EveryDay strengthens learning by making arts education and cultural experiences an integral part of classroom instruction. They builds and sustains long-term partnerships with schools, artists, and cultural institutions Click here to read more on their website!

… we are initiating a partnership with ArtsEveryday! We will work with them to create arts-integrated curriculum across all of our core subject areas over the next 5 years. They have been working in Baltimore for the past 12 years and will provide funding and training for our teachers. They are are major advocates for the Arts and I’m excited we will be working with them. Until then, have a great summer! After a meditation retreat, I hope to make art this break and post about it here. Thanks for reading ❤

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