New Painting: Joy of Spring

This semester at Towson University I am taking an Independent Study course. The lack of structure has been both challenging and insightful. Without direction from another professor or teacher, I was charged with creating my own projects and paintings. The result was a return to the joy of making art inspired by the beauty in my life.

Spring is an understated season. The allergies are painful, it’s still chilly, and it rains way more than winter. But the magic of the spontaneous eruption of flowers all over Baltimore is too gorgeous to ignore. This painting is simply a manifestation of the wonder of the hillside of daffodils blooming over Druid Hill Park in Baltimore. As a March-blooming yellow flower, the daffodil symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, hope, joy, and good luck, since it is one of the first flowers we see marking the end of winter. This painting is a celebration of beauty and the hope in Baltimore. Below is the final work and a few process photos. Thanks for reading!

Heiser, Monica. Joy Of Spring. 18″ x 24″ Acrylic. April 2023.