Life Drawing Update

Wow! Months fly by when you’re super busy with teaching and school work. Here is a quick recap of the artwork that I’ve done with the Life Drawing Class at Towson University. Most of these drawings took 2-5 hours to complete :

I’m learning a lot about life drawing and human anatomy. Some of the main concepts I am exploring in my work are:

  • Proportions
  • Muscular Anatomy
  • Skeletal Anatomy
  • Value / Shading / Form / Light Source
  • Vine vs. Compressed charcoal
  • Poses and foreshortening
  • Rendering fabric and clothing
  • Cross-contour lines to create volume
  • Movement in life drawing
  • Background-figure relationship; sense of space
  • Emotionality / Tone of medium, pose, and composition

I’m also working on a Google Slides / Unit Plan so I can teach this with my high school students (using clothed models of course). It’s still in progress, but you can view the presentation and make a copy here:

Let me know what you think about my drawings and/or unit plan! Happy drawing 😀